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Rockface for Men

We provide a full e-marketing service to this men’s grooming brand which is now one of the fastest growing men’s ranges in the UK.


Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico produces water softeners and filters which can be fitted at the mains point of entry in your home, ensuring soft, sparkling clean water at all times in your kitchen and bathroom.


Pearl Drops Whitening Treatment

The tooth whitening market is a very crowded place indeed, with innovation and new products popping up every other day, and sometimes media relations alone doesn’t shout loud enough.


My Trusty NHS

We were tasked with launching the first ever NHS sunflower oil skincare range into grocery. A sunflower oil based brand, with a fantastic NHS back story and feel-good not for profit platform made this one of the most perfect media relations campaigns we have ever created.

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